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The best water parks in Beijing
2013-7-12 9:46:00

Like almost any city in China during the summer, the heat in Beijing can get pretty relentless. It may not have the intense humidity that the folks in the south experience, but with temperatures rising up to 40 degrees and above, it's a relatively sweltering affair. Of course, if you fancy cooling off you can sit at home and bathe in the cool air of your air conditioner, indulge in an ice cream eating session, or simply take a cold shower.

We say it's best to embrace the heat however, and there's no better or fun way to do it than taking a splash in one of the city's many water parks. That's right, the same Beijing that freezes to temperatures of around -20 during the winter months has its fair share of water parks that are perfect for the summer, and we've picked the best ones for you.

1) Happy Magic Water Cube

Beijing's Happy Magic Water Cube is Beijing's biggest open-air water park and includes 18 different rides and around 50 flumes for you to catapult yourself down. The park also features China's biggest wave machine which covers a space of around 10,000 square meters and sees waves up to meters high! Not afraid of breaking domestic records, the park also has China's biggest artificial beach which clocks in at 8,000 square meters. Who'd have thought that you wouldn't have to leave Beijing to enjoy surf and sand? Among the rides there's a water-rollercoaster, log rides, huge slides and even a surfing simulator.         

Add: 11 Xiaotun Lu, Fengtai District, Beijing

Tel:010 5166 6619

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00 (Jun and Sept), 10:00-22:00 (Jul and Aug)

Price: 200 RMB, 98 RMB

Getting there: take subway line 1 to Yuquanlu Station , then head out of exit D2, and walk to the Yuquan Lukounan bus stop and take bus 338 or 507 to Meishikou stop

2) Water Cube

Famed for its role in the 2008 Olympic Games, the architectural wonder that is Beijing's Water Cube needs no introduction. Opened to the public on August 8 2010, the Water Cube is currently Asia's biggest and most modern indoor water park. Filled with a whole range of different attractions, the Cube features around 20 different flumes, a water-rafting area, and a fantastic kid's area for the little ons to enjoy. One of the coolest things about the rides in the Water Cube is that all of the slides are transparent, which gives you that flying feeling as you soar down the flumes. Should you be of the thrill-seeking type, one of the rubber ring rides even has a section where you can experience a 180 degree drop! There's also a 3D cinema attached to the complex which shows films from Monday to Thursday, and there's even an area that is reserved for performances by local university bands.    

Add: 11 Tianchen Donglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010 8437 8966/8963

Opening hours: 10:00-20:00

Price: 200 RMB (adults) 160 RMB (children between 1.2-1.4m), 30 RMB (locker, + 20 RMB deposit)

Getting there: take subway line 8 to Olympic Sports Center Station

3) Wendu Water City

Located in the city's northern Changping District, Wendu Water City was designed by an Australian design company and covers a huge space of around 20,000 sqm and has a capacity of 3,000 people. The park features a whole range of different exciting and high-tech attractions such as a surfing simulator, water rafting, a kid's pool and countless spiralling flumes. There is also a stage in the water that has played host to all kinds of performances from singing to dancing, and some adventurous couples have even been known to hold their weddings here. The park is also known for its hot spring area, which serves as a great respite if you need to recharge your batteries after some water fun.

You can relax in a serene environment where tropical plants surround you at every corner; creating a true rainforest-esque environment. In need of more? Then head up to the second floor of the complex and check out the restaurant, fitness center and spa. Wendu Water City even has a built-in hotel, so if you fancy pampering yourself whilst enjoying the water-based fun the area has to offer, why not make a weekend out of it.  

Add: 8 Hongfu Pioneer Park, 51 Pingxifu Jie, Beiqijia Town, Changping District, Beijing

Tel: 010 8178 8888

Opening hours: 9:00-2:00

Price: 298 RMB (for entrance to all facilities), 149 RMB (water park entrance)

Getting there: take bus 607, 871 or 996 to Wangfu Jie stop

4) Merry Water World

Merry Water World boasts China's highest indoor waterslide, and features a series of attractions such as a wave machine and rapids, and even includes several hot tubs to chill out in. Aside from the water park itself, you can visit the nearby spa for some relaxation therapy, and there's also a sauna where you can detox to the max. There's also a kid's pool if you're bringing family, and if you're just in need of a normal swim, there's a standard swimming pool on offer too. The second floor of Merry Water World is designed as a leisure area, and features a restaurant, a 4D cinema, a gym, a children's games room, a VIP rest room, a tea house and a beauty salon. And there's more on the third floor-you can enjoy a variety of sports including tennis, badminton and rock climbing, and there's even a nightclub featuring a KTV.

Add: Inside Tulip Hot Spring Garden Resort, Dongwei Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Tel: 010 5166 7767

Opening hours: 13:00-22:30 (Mon-Fri), 9:00-22:30 (weekends)

Price: 130 RMB (Mon-Fri), 150 RMB (weekends), 65 RMB (kids under 1.2m)

Getting there: take bus 640 to Yujinxiang Huayuan stop or take bus 672 to Yujinxiang Huayuan South Gate stop

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